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Drain Repairs:

Our engineers can repair a collapsed drain or broken drain quickly and efficiently – always aiming to achieve minimal disruption.

We provide professional drain repair services throughout the Dublin M50 area, from Ballbriggan to Bray and everywhere inbetween. Dublin central west to Edenderry. From Lucan to Dunboyne. We have engineers available for any drainage issue you may have.

No-Dig Technology Drain Repairs

Easy Economic Drain Services are experts in no-dig drain repairs. No-dig technology (or drain re-lining) is the quickest way to repair a drain or sewer – there is no need to dig up entire sections of land to access the damaged pipe or sewer.

We inspect the damage by sending a CCTV camera into the drain and check if it can be re-lined – we then install a lining inside the existing drain which bonds to the inside of the pipe and creates a new pipe within the existing pipe.

In most cases it is not necessary to fully re-line a damaged drain. Patching is an effective method for carrying out the localised drain repairs.

What is pipe re-lining or patch re-lining?

Patch Re-Lining or no dig repair is less expensive and cleaner than having to dig the area up, Easy Economic Drain Services will carry this procedure out where possible to minimize disruption to the ground surrounding and beneath your property.

What is the pipe re-lining material ?

Patch relining is a resin mix soaked in a fibre glass mat approx 600mm long that is inserted into sewerage/drain pipe and set in place where CCTV has located a problem area such as a root infestation or damaged pipe works.