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Case Study: Blocked Toilets

Called to a site in Celbridge Co. Kildare. Problem was 2 blocked interior toilets, main bathroom and en-suite. Traced to a clear AJ at side of apartment block.

Jetting back upstream from AJ cleared blockage.

We have recommended to carry out CCTV on line to eamine possible problem with line pipes as this was a re-occuring issue for the client.

Case Study: Tracing Line

Called to a site in Leixlip Co. Kildare. to carry out tracing of line under house. Had to trace a 4inch line for this new build house.

Case Study: Blocked Mainline

Called to a site in Templeogue Dubln 6w.

Issue was a blocked mainline to row of houses.
Found outfall manhole was blocked. With the use of high pressure jetting we cleared the blockage and cleaned the line. Flushed the line through, all clear on departure.
The cause of the blockage was a build up of wet wipes compounded by bad joint in the waste pipes.

Case Study: Blocked Toilets due to sewer rods jammed in line

Called to a site in Phibsborough Dublin.

Issue was a blocked toilets in apartment above a shop.
The blocked toilets were cleared but sewer rods were found jammed down the back of the line. Etra work was required to remove them. These rods were the cause of the obstruction as they were catching tissue paper and waste causing the build up of sewage.