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CCTV Surveys

One of the difficulties of keeping domestic drains and sewers in good working condition is the fact that they are hidden away. That means it’s hard to spot potential issues until they have developed into serious problems.

Thanks to advanced CCTV technology, this no longer needs to be the case. Easy Economic Drain Services Ltd provide CCTV drain surveying services, using the very latest camera equipment to check the inside of drains and sewers and make sure they’re in top condition.

Because an assessment can be performed using remote-controlled camera units, there is no longer any need to dig up the ground or enter the pipes to perform these checks. With a CCTV survey, you get peace of mind with absolutely minimum disruption.

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How do CCTV drain surveys work?

Modern CCTV drain survey technology makes inspecting drains and sewers more efficient than ever.

Instead of having to perform an excavation or have an engineer manually enter the pipes, a wheel-mounted camera unit is lowered into the system, sending high-definition images back to a monitor.

Our engineers check the condition of the pipes from their mobile units and remotely identify potential issues, such as hairline cracks, large fissures, collapsed sections and stubborn blockages, as well as rodent infestations and displaced joints that allow pests to enter the drainage system.

Once the survey is complete, we review the images and recommend solutions to any problems we discover, such as relining work to repair cracks identified in the pipes.

What are the advantages of CCTV drain surveys?

CCTV drain inspection camera technology is the fastest and most cost-effective way of inspecting drains and sewers, producing such high-quality images that current and potential problems can be identified easily and an action plan put in place. Spotting problems like this can help to prevent small issues from turning into big ones.

Hairline cracks, for example, can result in water leakage that gradually undermines the stability of the pipe, while larger cracks and holes can bring in silt and debris that leads to blockages.

Pest or Rodent infestations in pipes can be a serious risk to health and hygiene, with vermin like cockroaches and rats coming into the building from the drains.

CCTV surveys will identify these problems quickly and efficiently without any major disruption, so you can get your pipes back in good working order.

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